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Beer & Lemon Highlights

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Today I am sharing the beer and lemon highlights I did over spring break! I don’t color my hair but love when the sun brings out my natural highlights, which is why I have been researching natural highlighters for hair. Most people already know that lemons help to bring out blonde color, but there are tons of other household products that also work well. Using beer as a hair conditioner has been an old wives’ tale for centuries. It is said to make hair extra shiny and soft, while also lightening the color of hair, so I decided to put it to the test.

What you need:

1 lemon

2 light beers – 1 to use in the treatment, 1 to enjoy

Light beer is best for this treatment. I assume most spring breakers do not have a shortage of beer. (Since I have never seen a college student buy anything other than the cheapest light beer possible, finding one to use for this treatment should not be too difficult.) 🙂 I brought my bottle of beer to the beach with me, but I suggest dousing your hair with the alcoholic beverage before going out into public. I received some of the strangest looks as I was pouring the bottle of beer over my head. An old man shamelessly stared at me the entire time, most likely thinking I was a lunatic (pretty understandable in this case). Brush the beer through your hair so each strand is completely covered. Next, squeeze the lemon in the areas that you want the lightest color. The lemon’s citric acid will help to bring out those natural highlights, especially in the sun. The pith (white part) of the lemon has the most bleaching properties, so don’t be nervous to use the entire lemon!  Brush all of this through your hair as well, and enjoy the sun!

*The beer and lemon can both dry out hair, so make sure to condition before and after this highlighting treatment. I put in a crème leave-in conditioner after brushing through the beer and lemon juice.  If you are worried to use lemon juice directly in your hair, dilute it with water to a 50:50 proportion.

At the end of the day, I washed and conditioned my hair. When it (air) dried, I could really see the results of the treatment. My hair was lighter in color and appeared both shinier and softer. If you try this treatment, I would love to hear how it works for you. Enjoy!

BIKINI TOP: H&M (sold out online) – similar here and here  //  BIKINI BOTTOM: Wal-Mart  //  NECKLACE: old – similar here  //  SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

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Florida Blues

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TOP: old – similar here and here  //  PANTS: Forever 21 – similar here and here  //  SANDALS: old – similar here and here  //  PURSE: H&M – similar here

While I am on spring break, I am using this warm weather to my full advantage. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be comfortable outside. There is something about not needing a jacket that makes me so happy.

Last night, I spent my evening walking around downtown Naples, FL. It is the most beautiful town I have ever visited. Each yard is manicured to perfection, and all the buildings are painted colors that belong in a carton of ice cream. In the downtown area, the palm trees were wrapped with sparkling lights, and planters, overflowing with colorful flowers, lined the sidewalks. The town feels straight out of a movie.

For the breezy evening, I wore printed trousers. They are perfect for a dinner date when shorts would be too casual. The material is super thin and comfortable in the warm weather. The different shades of blue in the print remind me of ocean water. I am also wearing my favorite sandals, which I found on-sale at the end of last summer. I love the gold heel on them and think it dresses them up, just a little. To break up the shades of blue, I paired my outfit with my new magenta bag. When I saw it at the mall, I knew I wanted needed it.

The dry winter air and constantly needing to blow-dry has been really damaging to my hair, this season, so I will soon be sharing some ways I am getting my locks healthy again. For starters, I am giving my hair a break from the heat of a blow dryer and letting it dry naturally. (You can tell I allowed the salt water and wind to work their magic in these photos – no hairbrush required. 🙂 )

Have a great week everyone!

xx Heather


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Birthday Treats

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I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I know I am because today is my 21st birthday! 🙂 It has been so fun celebrating with my closest girlfriends. They have really made my day special. Since birthdays are best when full of treats, I wanted to let you shop my birthday wish list for yourselves. These are all the things I am lusting over for spring. (Hopefully you can afford something on here because I sure cannot.)

Happy Shopping!

xx Heather

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Spring Break Beauty To-Do

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I am a list-making queen. I have a list for just about everything, including a spring break beauty to-do list. With spring break one short week away, it is the ONLY thought on my mind and a great excuse to share my beauty to-do list with you all.

1. GO FAUX – I don’t mean tanning bed faux either.  They are so harmful to your skin and eyes. You will be in the sun soon enough; don’t put your skin in more danger by exposing it to the harmful UV rays in a tanning bed. It is just not worth it. I am the biggest advocate for self-tanning lotions. I love that I can control the amount of color I want to use and specify the areas where the most color is needed. Two of my favorite self-tanners are L’Oreal Sublime Bronze and the Beach Sexy Tinted Spray from Victoria’s Secret. They both give instant color and dry quickly. Be sure to exfoliate before applying a self-tanner and then wash your hands very well after applying. Orange palms will give away our beauty secret! I start using my tanning lotion about a week before wearing a bikini to build a perfect glow. A fake tan and wearing sunscreen on spring break WILL pay off. Plus, your skin will be oh, so happy.

2. MANI/PEDI – Get your manicure and pedicure now before every nail salon is booked! Gel polish is the way to go in order to avoid chipping from sand and salt. I’m not taking my own advice and am opting out of a gel polish because I like to change my nail color constantly. I will be wearing Bikini so Teeny and Need A Vacation on my fingers and Cocktails & Coconuts and St. Lucia Lilac on my toes. (See what I did there?)

3. SUNNIES – Buy a cheap pair of sunnies for the beach. It isn’t fun to lose $150 sunglasses in an ocean wave. I am loving these beige cat-eye shades and these matte black aviators.

4. MUSIC – I am updating my music to have something new to listen to while on the beach and traveling. I would share my playlist, but I think you all would just make fun of me. 🙂 Maybe another time.

5. HAIR TRIM – Even up your locks with a fresh trim before heading south. Typically I trim my own hair, but I want to get rid of some of the extra weight with layers. I will also be doing an at-home coconut oil treatment to moisturize my hair before heading out into the sun!

6. VITAMIN C – Traveling always seems to wear down my immune system. I want to avoid a post-SB cold, so I am increasing my vitamin C intake by making sure to eat extra fruits and vegetables this week. I would much rather get my immune system boost, the natural way, versus those gross powder drink mixes. The super vitamin C-rich foods I will be eating a little extra of are: pineapple (my fav!), strawberries, oranges, bell peppers and chili peppers. Enjoy!

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Jeweled Collar

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TOP: Francesca’s – similar here, here and here

BELT: J.Crew – similar here


HEELS: old – similar here

PURSE: T.J. Maxx – similar here, here and here

WATCH: Michael Kors

Happy Saturday! I cannot tell you how great my week has been with the positive feedback on Heathered Hues! Thank you all so much for checking out my page and sharing it with your friends. I am super appreciative of the support!

Today I am wearing a jeweled collared top and waxed denim. I already love collared shirts, but add some sparkle to it and I’m in heaven. This top was the last one available at Francesca’s, and I could not find it anywhere else to recommend to you. I did find a bunch of other jeweled collared tops though, so check them out! Waxed denim has been my favorite item this winter. I wear these way too much but don’t care. Wax-coated denim has the comfort of a stretchy jean but has a leathery look to it.

I am really excited to show off my new purse. I happily splurged because the leather-neon combo is just amazing. It is from POUR LA VICTOIRE, but I found it at T.J. Maxx for about half of the original cost. (Score!) I made sure to wear it with an all-black outfit to make the neon really pop.

Again, thanks a ton for stopping in! I appreciate you all so so much. Have a great weekend!

xx Heather

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