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Hi again!

I cannot believe that summer break is quickly wrapping up. My younger sister is an incoming college freshman and gave me the idea for this post. After wearing a school uniform for as long as she can remember, the idea of dressing herself for class feels a little daunting. This summer, she has been working on building a wardrobe but still is not exactly sure what to wear on campus. I decided to come up with my absolute must-haves while living on campus. This list is for all incoming freshman and seasoned seniors alike.

1. Denim Jacket –  A denim jacket is a super versatile way to add warmth once the days get cooler. Try it over a maxi dress when out to dinner with your new floormates or over a hoodie sweatshirt when cheering on your school at a chilly football game.

2. Umbrella – An umbrella is the one item college students always forget. Pick one that can easily fit in your backpack. You will be so glad you decided to purchase it when you are stuck across campus in the pouring rain.

3. Plain Sneakers – Converse are the perfect sneaker to finish an outfit for class. I wear my white ones so often that I just throw them in the washing machine to keep them looking nice.

4. Wrist Watch – Start wearing a watch, so that you aren’t constantly checking your phone during class (professors don’t like that). You also do not want to be the girl who walks in late to her first college class (professors also don’t like that, for some reason).

5. Planner – Stay organized and on top of your courses with a pretty planner.

6. Black/Dark Wash Skinny Jeans – This is will your most-worn item, hands down. I love that I can wear my black skinny jeans with a flannel shirt to class but then throw on a pair of heels and cute top to bring the skinny jeans into nighttime. Find a pair with a little stretch so that you feel comfortable wearing them all day. (*Extra hint for those doing your own laundry for the first time – When washing your dark denim, turn your jeans inside-out to help save the color.)

7. Rain Boots – They are a necessity for walking across a rainy campus.

8. Easy Tees – For class, toss on an easy t-shirt with a pair of jeans and a thin scarf. You will instantly look better than 99% of the other students in your classes.

9. Eyeglasses – Cute eyewear makes me want to study harder. I love these ones from Rivet and Sway.

10. Scarf – This is the easiest way to quickly dress up a simple outfit.

11. Perfume – I love having a fresh new scent, like this Marc Jacobs perfume.

Good luck to everyone moving into school this week. I hope this list helps you to start building a college wardrobe! Take your time when adding to your closet, and pick the pieces that will last. Start the year off well, and enjoy your semester!

xx Heather

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