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Take a Break for Spring

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great week! I wanted to do a little spring break post. I don’t have a spring break this year because it turns out, the real world doesn’t get breaks. (Who thought that was a good idea?) Regardless, I am living in sunny weather, so thought I would share some great sunny necessities.

1.  Le Moule Quay Sunnies – The lenses of these sunglasses remind me of a sunset. Plus, they are a reasonable price that won’t break the bank.
2. Baggu – I love Baggu totes. They are a super lightweight bag that would be great for carrying your sun tan lotion, towel and beer water bottle to the beach. Plus, they fold up into a tiny pouch that is perfect for stashing in your carry-on or not setting you over the 50lb limit for checked baggage.
3.  india cytotec Beach Towel – Don’t forget a colorful beach towel so you don’t have to use the miniature towels offered at your hotel the entire week.
4.  Swim Cover Up – A cover up is a necessity to throw on for a midday lunch or stroll around the boardwalk.
5.  Wide Brim Hat – A wide brim hat is an easy way to keep the sun off your face, neck and shoulders.
6.  Soludos Sandals – These are great to slip on with a sundress for a casual dinner.
7.  Maybelline BB Cream – No one wants to cake on makeup when heading to the beach. A beauty balm is the perfect way to give yourself some sheer coverage. It also has 30SPF to keep your skin protected.
8.  Beach Waves Hair Spray – If you don’t want to actually swim in the ocean, spritz your locks with this sea salt spray. The Thai Coconut scent is amazing!
9.  Sun Bum Sunblock – I mentioned Sun Bum’s lip balm in my spring break post last year and am in love with all of their products. The sunscreen smells like old school Banana Boat (maybe better). Try it! You won’t be disappointed.
10.  After Sun Moisturizer – Exposure to the sun dries out your skin. Keep your tan going, long after spring break ends, by continually moisturizing, especially after being in the sun all day. The aloe vera in this lotion will also help to soothe any burn you may endure. Also try True Blue’s Gradual Tanner to give yourself an even-better bronze.

Have a wonderful week off, and enjoy a margarita (or 2 or 3) for me!!

xx Heather

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