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Pleated Skirt & Magenta Lips

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heathered hues heathered hues heathered hues heathered hues heathered hues heathered hues heathered hues heathered hues JACKET: Gap  //  Ciudad Delicias T-SHIRTUniqlo  //  provigil modafinil buy online uk SKIRTJ.Crew Factory  // HEELS:  Kohl’s  //  EARRINGS: Old – similar here and here  //  PURSE: Old – similar here and here

Hi All,

I hope you’re having a great week so far (it’s almost Friday)! I have been going nonstop the past three weeks with training for my new full-time job. For training, I was able to travel to San Francisco and then to Dallas for two weeks. Both are completely different and awesome in their own ways. When I was in San Francisco, my hotel was down the street from where I stayed last October during my final round interview for the job I have now. I remember being completely overwhelmed and nervous. Fast-forward to now, I wish I could go back and tell myself to, “CALM DOWN!! Everything will be just fine.” Last October, I would’ve never expected for so many opportunities to come my way over the course of just a few months. It is amazing how life works that way.

Still, I continuously need to remind myself to take it easy. Sometimes I get so caught up in the big picture that I forget to think about things one step at a time. That’s why some of my favorite times are when I can get together with good friends for a night of decompressing and chats that never pertain to work. 🙂

I wanted to share a quick girls’ night outfit. I bought this skirt from J.Crew back in the spring, but now it is available at J.Crew Factory for less! Score for you! I paired it with a simple heathered grey tee, my favorite denim jacket and matte magenta lips.

Have a great rest of the week!

xx Heather

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Our Road Trip to L.A.

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heathered hues road trip

and we are off on our journey!heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

thumbs up because I couldn’t look at the camera while driving
heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

my hair got messier and messier as the road trip went on because I couldn’t find where I had packed my hairbrush 😛
heathered hues road trip

we made it to the coast!heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road tripheathered hues road trip

at the top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angelesheathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

a sunny day in Malibuheathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

Remember how I mentioned that my sister and I made the drive from Indianapolis to Los Angeles? Well, here are the moments we documented! Most are horribly angled selfies, but we were delirious and lacking a third person to take photos. The drive definitely wasn’t the most glamorous of moments for us, but we had tons of fun cruising through the great USA, blasting the same songs over and over because we had been driving so long, eating way too much Skinny Pop, stopping at every picturesque lookout spot we saw and laughing at our inside sister jokes.

Here is the brief synopsis of our tour:

  • Indiana – There were too many tears and traffic during this portion of the trip to enjoy it.
  • Illinois – Tears were still flowing at this point, not as heavily.
  • Missouri – We saw the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and then got lost in a not-so-great area (thank you to my navigator, Courtney).
  • Kansas – The plains were beautiful at sunset and the location of our first stop at a very rugged Comfort Inn. After 14 hours in the car, we fit in pretty well.
  • Colorado – This state is beautiful! We began in grassy plains, to rolling hills, to huge forested mountains, to red rock mountains, to desert. What an unbelievable variety of landscape. We both agreed we will definitely be back!
  • Utah – Are we still on Earth? Most of our drive through Utah looked like the backdrop of an old sci-fi movie about Mars. We would drive in areas of 100+ miles long without any gas stations, restaurants or existence of life, really. Not to mention, it was 109 degrees outside while we were driving through this state. Beaver, Utah was the location of our second stop at a less-rugged Comfort Inn. We found out that if you wanted to order a pizza in this town, you’d have to drive another two hours away. Ha!
  • Arizona – We drove through rain in Arizona. Who knew there is a monsoon season in Arizona?
  • Nevada – LAS VEGAS! We saw it from the interstate 😉
  • California – I learned very quickly how bad the traffic is in Southern California. We were stopped in stand-still traffic two hours before we were supposed to reach our destination. Courtney remained positive, carefree and usually asleep, while I stressed out and kept my eyes on the road (as you can see in a majority of the city photos).

Once we made it to Los Angeles, we were able to relax at several beaches, go on a few hikes and spend a day at Disneyland. It was quite a week for the Graham sisters, and one I will never forget. I can’t wait for our next trip. I will definitely remember to pack a hairbrush with easy access.

Below is a little video my sister made of all the snippets she took throughout the road trip!

xx Heather

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Hidden Fishtail Braid

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Hidden Fishtail Braid

Hi everyone,

A few months ago I Instagrammed the photo above, and my braid got a very positive response. I wasn’t expecting anyone to even notice the braid, so thank you 🙂 I thought I would make a quick tutorial for it because it is the easiest way to learn how to fishtail braid. Since you can pull it to the side while braiding, you are able to see each step instead of trying to braid behind your head.

Good luck!

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Cozy Morning Coffee

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Cozy Morning 1 Cozy Morning 2 Cozy Morning 3 Cozy Morning 4 Cozy Morning 5 Cozy Morning 6 Cozy Morning 7 Cozy Morning 8 Cozy Morning 9 Cozy Morning 10

SWEATER: Banana Republic – sold out, similar here  //  SHORTS: Forever 21 //  SANDALS: Jack Rogers – less expensive option here

Good morning, all!

I apologize I have been a little late to post recently. My life has kind of been a whirlwind the last few weeks. I finished up my internship with Disney (tear sob), left my adorable little Floridian apartment, vegged out in Indy for a couple weeks, flew back to Florida to pack the rest of my belongings into a U-HAUL to drive back to Indianapolis, unpacked that and repacked fewer belongings for California, purchased my first car, road tripped across the country with my trusty sidekick sister (post coming soon) and moved into an apartment in Los Angeles to begin my fulltime job next week. Phew! Are you worn out? I sure am.

Life is absolutely crazy sometimes. My favorite moments are when I can just sit down, relax and drink my coffee in the morning, even if I have to wait for a weekend to do the relaxing part. For some reason, there is nothing more peaceful to me.

This outfit is for one of those moments, when you don’t need to be overthinking what you are wearing. Sometimes comfort should be the only thought, that’s why I love this pullover sweater hoodie. It is super cozy without looking lazy. The same goes for my lace shorts. I originally purchased them to wear over a bathing suit at the beach but found myself wearing them everywhere because they are just as easy as slipping on workout shorts. My rule for myself is that I will not wear workout clothes throughout the day unless I am actually going to workout, so these provide a nice alternative. 🙂

Now, I have some serious relaxing to do until I start work on Monday.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week, everyone!

xx Heather

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