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Easy Top Knot Bun

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buy gabapentin for dogs online uk Top Knot Top Knot 1 Top Knot 2 Top Knot 3 Top Knot 4 Top Knot 5 Top Knot 6 Top Knot 7 Top Knot 8 Top Knot 9

buy Lyrical dance costumes online I wear this hairstyle at some point during everyday of my life. Whenever my hair is in the way and I need it out of my face, I just twist it up into a top knot bun. My hair is so long and thick that I actually don’t typically use an elastic to secure the hair. I tie it in a knot and it holds by itself. But most people are not as crazy as me and will need to use one. If you are having trouble keeping your hair in the bun, try putting your hair in a ponytail first and then twisting it into the bun and adding another elastic at the end. I also suggest misting your hair with hairspray before starting so you don’t have as many flyaways as I do in the photos 🙂 xx Heather

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Friday Finds 10.23.15

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one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine

Happy Friday All!

I wanted to share some of the things that I’m either eyeing for the season or already own and love.

1.       Blush is a huge color this fall and I want everything in this shade. It is subtle, feminine and goes perfectly with just about anything.

2.       Just because the sun isn’t always shining in autumn doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your eyes. UV rays are just as harmful even when it is overcast outside. Protect your eyes with these cool tortoise shell sunglasses.

3.       I’ve been wanting this bag ever since a coworker purchased her own while actually visiting Cambridge. I don’t necessarily have the funds to travel to the UK right now, but this leather purse gives a little piece of European class (in a great color and is shopable online).

4.       Don’t be scared off by the dark green hue of this lipstick. It isn’t for a Halloween costume. The green reacts with the warm of your lips to create a shade of rosy pink that is perfect for your skin tone. The shea butter and vitamin E in this lipstick is ideal for keeping lips moisturized on a fall day.

5.       This glittering pumpkin-shaped bath bomb is sure to lift your spirits with a mix of juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils.

6.       During the colder months, my skin always dries out quickly. I love using oil after a shower so my skin can lock in moisture. This rosebud multi-use oil has one of the most amazing scents ever and can be used on your skin, hair and nails. “The sweet scent is an addictive blend of fresh rose, peony and bergamot that evolves on skin with soft notes of white musk and blond woods.” I’m enchanted.

7.       I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of boyfriend jeans that will not make me look literally like a boy. This pair is a great price and slimmer fit. Win-win!

8.       You can never go wrong with a classic wool coat. Spending money on something like this is worth it because you will be wearing for years and years. The style is so timeless that it is sure to last through all kinds of trends and still be a great piece.

9.       There is always a need for a new nail polish, especially when it is a fall ruby shade.


xx Heather

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Jacket & Stripes

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Jacket & Stripes 1Jacket & Stripes 2Jacket & Stripes 3Jacket & Stripes 4Jacket & Stripes 5Jacket & Stripes 6Jacket & Stripes 7Jacket & Stripes 8Jacket & Stripes 9Jacket & Stripes 10JACKET:  old – similar here and here  //  SHIRT: Forever 21  //  NECKLACE: old – similar here  //  JEANS: Lucky Brand – other pair here  //  BOOTIES: Frye

Hi Everyone,

Happy Hump Day! Once Wednesday hits, it always seems like the rest of the week is manageable. (I’m usually wrong but at that point on Wednesday each week, it keeps me motivated.) Recently the start of my weekends have consisted of me working until 1 or 2AM Saturday morning, followed by a cry in the shower and then passing out in bed from exhaustion. No complaints here, I am just simply stating the facts. 😉

At least this past weekend when I arose from the dead later that Saturday morning, I was welcomed by homemade biscuits and gravy and a breakfast casserole that is absolutely my kryptonite. (I was back in Indiana, can’t you tell? No $10 green juices anywhere to be found!)

Being back in the Midwest made me almost, dare I say it, excited to need a jacket. I love that jackets, especially a good military jacket, can complete an outfit. The jacket I’m wearing in this post is a few years old and has definitely been put to use. It’s easy to throw on as an extra layer when the air gets cold but also is thin enough to wear it as just another piece of a look.

I also could not wait to try out these Frye booties. I ordered them from Nordstrom Rack over a month ago and had them sent to my parents’ house because I knew I wouldn’t have a need for them yet in California. The heel is the perfect height for daytime wear but enough to dress up jeans a bit.

PS. I’m wearing the same Lucky Brand jeans again. I told you I couldn’t get enough of them!!

Have a great rest of your week!

xx Heather

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Sweater Weather

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Sweater Weather 1 Sweater Weather 2 Sweater Weather 3 Sweater Weather 4 Sweater Weather 5 Sweater Weather 6 Sweater Weather 7 Sweater Weather 8 Sweater Weather 9 Sweater Weather 10

HAT: Old Navy  //  NECKLACE: old – similar here and here  //  SWEATER: Banana Republic  //  PEPLUM TANK: old – similar here  //  JEANS: Lucky Brand  //  PUMPS:  J.Crew Factory  //  BAG: H&M

Woohoo!! It’s time to start breaking out the sweaters! Don’t get me wrong, I love warm and sunny weather, (I moved from Florida to Southern California – there’s a common theme here) but I love the chance to layer up in a thick cozy sweater. The moment I felt a “chill” to the air (70 degrees in LA), I was on a mission to find a great fall sweater. This one from Banana Republic caught my eye because of the great knit. I liked it so much, I grabbed another one in cream before heading to the checkout.

I wore my sweater over a peplum tank because it has a shorter hem which shows off a shirt underneath well. I also am wearing my high waisted denim from Lucky Brand. I had been wanting to try a pair of high waisted jeans for some time and originally bought these because they were on mega-sale in the middle of the summer. Now, I hardly ever want to take them off. Every time I put them on, they have that great worn-in feel but never seem to lose their shape. They are also awesome for the days when I am just lounging around because they’re stretchy and the comfiest pair of jeans I own.

I added some perfectly-priced accessories to top off the look. My felt hat is from Old Navy and under $20. The bag I am carrying has received an absurd amount of compliments. I have been using it as my purse when traveling because I can’t afford to ruin a nice bag in airport security, on the floor of planes, etc. Someone recently stopped me at a hotel and asked where I had purchased this bag because she had been looking for the perfect black designer bag. I don’t think she was expecting me to tell her it was from H&M. 🙂  I love when that type of thing happens because it shows you don’t need to pay top dollar to look nice – you just have to work it.

Enjoy the beginning of fall! I’m hoping it comes to the west soon because I really miss the changing leaves. So far, the only red and orange leaves I have seen were fake (I should have expected this).

Now that it is officially October, I’m off to watch Hocus Pocus for about the millionth time. Thanks for reading!

xx Heather

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