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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Hey Y’all,

I hope you had a great week! I was in Austin, Texas for a work event about a week ago and decided to stay over the weekend with a friend. Can I just say, Austin is the coolest city ever!! I’ve been before but only just for work again, so this felt like my first time actually exploring. There was more barbecue, Tex-Mex, and better shopping than I could’ve imagined.

Here are some of the things we did:

purchase synthroid Brunch and Shopping in SoCo

South Congress Street, also known as SoCo, is full of different restaurants, shops, and food trucks. I loved it because there were funky antique shops mixed with high-end boutiques along the street. I had to practice some SERIOUS self-control here. My recent obsession is looking for pieces to decorate my future loft (which I don’t actuallyyyy own yet), so hopefully next time I’m in Austin, I’ll be able to actually shop all the cool boutiques for housewares and furniture.

We ate brunch on the outdoor patio of the South Congress Cafe, and I definitely recommend trying it if you are in Austin. Order the migas breakfast enchiladas, and thank me later!

buy prednisone for cats Barton Springs

The Barton Springs area is a gorgeous natural spring, which is typically dammed up to create a natural swimming pool. Just our luck, the Barton Springs Pool was closed for conservation efforts only the weekend we were in town! Instead we hung out in the river just beyond the dam, where people were wading in the water, picnicking, and enjoying their Saturdays. The year-round 72 degree water was perfect for cooling off after a long day of walking around. I loved that the water was so clear too, I could easily see all the way to the bottom of the river. (I hate not being able to see my feet when swimming in natural water. I always have this fear of creepy crawlies coming to bite my toes.)

Rainey Street

Rainey Street is a another neat area in South Austin. The street is lined with old houses that have all been converted into trendy bars and restaurants. Because the weather is so nice year-round, all the house bars had great outdoor areas to sit and hang out with friends. I loved that each place along the street had a different vibe. I went from drinking a local craft beer and hanging out on a hammock at one bar to drinking a Moscow mule and listening to live music at another place. I felt like that summed up Austin pretty well 🙂 There were also a bunch of food trucks on Rainey for the late night snackers, which brings me to my next point.

Food Trucks

The food trucks in Austin are TOP NOTCH. Texans do not mess around with these things. Some of the best food you will find in the city is from a food truck. One of the nights, my friend and I were both craving tacos, so we asked locals for the best place, and they all said Torchy’s Tacos. We were originally stopping by the taco joint for a snack but went a little crazy after seeing the menu. We each tried some tacos, queso, street corn, and lil’ nookies, which are deep-fried chocolate chip cookies!! All amazing and affordable. Thank you, Austin locals, the tacos were great. And side note: I seriously haven’t stopped thinking about those lil’ nookies.

I am already looking forward to the next time I am able to visit this city (hopefully sooner than I think).

“Keep Austin Weird!”

xx Heather

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Spring Trend Report

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10448965_1685207771727995_1750001515_n 12825960_260221280983969_758578249_n 11260694_122149868180223_453309833_n 12798067_926769900763973_66723615_n(1) 12940809_1066632776743260_1327694803_n 12912661_822910314487979_1041618468_n

I recently wrote a Spring Trend Report for MDG Salons in Indianapolis, focusing on the must-haves for spring in the Midwest. Read it by clicking the link:

Spring Trend Report


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Gifts for Her

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Christmas is less than two weeks away! Need a little help finding the perfect gift for the special girl in your life? Below is my gift guide with multiple different price points and shop-able links! I hope it helps and gives you a few good ideas of how to impress her on Christmas morning. And since I’ve done all the gift-searching for you, feel free to just send a few of these my way as well 🙂

Happy Gifting!


under 25 for her

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

  1. Voluspa Candle – $9.00
  2. Heart Mug – $10.00
  3. Marc Jacob Daisy Dream Perfume – $25.00
  4. Fuzzy Scarf – $17.90
  5. Knit Beanie – $24.90 (on sale right now for $14.94)
  6. Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask – $12.95
  7. Gingham Pajama Set – $24.90
  8. Passport Holder – $17.99
  9. NYX Matte Lip Crème – $5.99
  10. Essie Minis Winter Collection – $17.00


under 50 for her

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine

  1. Paper Source Personalized Stationery – $39.80 for 20 stationery cards and envelopes
  2. Rosebud Multi-Use Oil – $28.00
  3. Sephora Luster Matte Long Wear Lip Quad – $32.00
  4. Kate Spade iPhone Case – $40.00
  5. H&M Beaded Clutch Bag – $34.99
  6. Cantabria Post Earrings – $34.00
  7. Butter London 4 Piece Nail Polish Set – $30.00
  8. Spitfire Poolside sunglasses – $36.00
  9. Kate Spade Large Planner – $36.00


under 100 for her

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

  1. West Elm Faux Fur Chevron Throw – $79.00 (on special right now for $59.00)
  2. Free People Slow Dancing Cocktail Earring – $58.00
  3. Sole Society Bronson Weekender Bag – $84.95
  4. Skagen Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch – $79.97
  5. Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Spray – $77.00 for 1.7oz
  6. New Balance 620 Sneakers – $80.00
  7. Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Leather Wallet – $88.00
  8. Personalized Jumbo Disc Pendant – $82.00 for Sterling Silver or $92.00 for 14K Gold Plated
  9. Rebecca Minkoff Leo Envelop Clutch – $95.00
  10. Hot Tools Salon Curling Iron/Wand – Extended Barrel – $64.99 (on sale right now for $54.99)


under 200 for her

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven

  1. T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer w/ Free Flat Iron – $200.00
  2. Tory Burch York Duo Leather Pouches (Set of 2) – $195.00
  3. Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones – $150.00
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs 54mm Cat Eye Sunglasses – $170.00 (on sale right now for $102.00)
  5. Clarsonic Mia 2 Skin Care Cleansing System – $149.00
  6. Anna Beck Mini Bar Line Bracelet – $190.00
  7. Judith Jack Three Row Bangle Bracelet – $198.00 (on sale right now)
  8. Kate Spade New York Crosby Silicone Strap Watch – $150.00
  9. Banana Republic Hannah Bootie – $168.00 (on promo right now for $98.00!)
  10. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Collection – $110.00
  11. The Large Metallic Push Lock – $160.00


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Carry-On Essentials

Carry On Essentials

Be prepared for traveling with these easy carry-on luggage essentials! You probably already own most of them too, which makes this post even better. These are the things I always make sure I have before heading to the airport (otherwise you will spend ten times more than needed if you purchase them in the terminal).

1.  Large purse – I tend to bring a larger purse when traveling so that I can stuff as many belongings into it as possible. Whenever I’m packing, I always think I am good on space in my suitcase until right before I head out the door, I realize I forgot a bunch of little things and have to cram them into my purse – hence, a larger purse to make this doable.

2.  Scarf that doubles as a blanket – I typically try to bring some type of scarf onto a flight with me. In the summer, the AC is blasting in planes, so I bring a sheer scarf to cover my arms if needed. In the winter, sometimes the planes are freezing from the cold air outside. Last winter, I boarded a plane at 5am on its first flight of the day after it sat outside all night, and the seatbelts legitimately had frost on them. So now, I always try to bring an additional layer. I also like to cover my face with the scarf if I need to catch some sleep on the flight.

3.  Phone charger – You definitely don’t want to get stuck without your various device chargers, especially if you need to call someone to pick you up upon arrival or are in the middle of an intense phone Sudoku puzzle when your cell dies.

4.  Aspirin – With the oh-so-pleasant combination of a screaming baby, the overwhelming smell of someone’s fish sandwich and the flight attendants enjoying the limelight of the airplane intercom a little too much, you’re bound to need a headache reliever. Bring a travel size bottle in your purse for those emergencies.

5.  Roller-ball perfume – These are perfect for freshening up after a long flight and easy to stash in your purse (and take through security).

6.  Snack – I’m not sure about you, but the mini bag of peanuts don’t do a thing for me. I like to pack some type of trail mix or granola bar with protein to hold off hunger.

7.  Lipstick or lip balm – Always a necessity.

8.  Hand sanitizer – I’m somewhat very much a mysophobe (fear of germs) and have a mini hand sanitizer bottle in every bag I own. (Okay, I get it. I have a problem…but, I also have clean hands.) Airplanes are known for being filled with germs, so help protect yourself from getting sick this holiday season by throwing one of these little guys in your bag.

9.  Mints or gum – You never know who you could be sitting next to on the plane – perhaps your soulmate or perhaps someone who very badly needs to be offered a mint. (These ones are from Trader Joe’s)

10.  Sunglasses – If you don’t bring them, suddenly it will be the sunniest and brightest day you’ve experienced in ages.

11.  Headphones – Confession: Sometimes I put headphones in if the person next to me is particularly chatty. Last time I took a red-eye flight, the man next to me wanted to tell me all about the trip he and his wife just took to Europe. (I’m sorry sir, I’m interested, but it’s three in the morning.)

12.  Identification – Whether it is a passport or driver’s license, don’t forget this!! Same goes for your boarding pass. I download my boarding passes to my phone, and it is super convenient.

13.  Tablet – iPad, Kindle, whatever you like to use – they are much more compact than a laptop, so perfect for the claustrophobic airplane seats and easy to pack.

I hope this helps when you are packing for your next flight. Safe travels!

xx Heather

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Friday Finds 11.06.15

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  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

This saying makes me laugh because sometimes I’m actually thinking it when picking out an outfit. I’m typically one to wear a lot of color, but I love the sleek, ultra-cool look of an all-black ensemble. I threw together some easy black pieces that are perfect additions to the casual weekend uniform.

1.       Scarves that look and feel like fuzzy blankets are everything I need during chilly days. This blush and black is great because it can be worn over neutral tones for a little kick.

2.       A soft sweatshirt is a must for days of lounging or on top of a pair of skinny jeans when headed to brunch.

3.       I would like to think that I personally brought back the look of ripped skinny jeans. 😉 One day during my freshman year of college, I was running late for a test (not a good idea, Heather). I was wearing a pair of brand new jeans, walking fast and trying to eat my breakfast on the way (a yogurt – again, not a good idea). While in the process of shuffling to my test, I missed a step at the bottom of a staircase and COMLETELY wiped out. Yogurt went flying, my phone tumbled out of my jacket pocket and I was flat on the ground. Completely mortified, I looked around to take in the number of onlookers to this embarrassing event. Only one guy was around, about 20ft. away, smoking a cigarette and staring directly at me. Obviously, this cigarette made him much cooler and superior to me and unable to ask if I was okay. At this point, I had to run to my test with a new hole in my day-old jeans, a bloody knee and scraped up hands. I burst into the lecture hall with tears streaming down my face and took the test just like that.

I still wear those jeans today. I don’t think anyone would think I created the hole myself via completely clumsiness, but luckily for you, you can buy a pair of black skinnies with the hole already in them. No tripping involved. 🙂 Okay, that’s enough embarrassing myself on a public platform for one day, let’s move on…

4.       These cat eye sunglasses are too cute. I am about to order my own!

5.       Butter LONDON nail polishes are some of my favorites. They go on so smoothly and have some of the best glitter polishes I’ve found – definitely worth paying a little more for those special events. I always look at it as a bottle of nail polish is still cheaper than going to a salon for a manicure. I can use that single bottle of polish for countless at-home manis.

6.       I know I’ve talked about charcoal face cleansers and masks before. For me, they are the best way to keep my face clean and help reduce shine.

7.       I have been eyeing this moto jacket from GAP for a little while now. Unsure of when I’ll snap and just make the purchase, but it is likely to be fairly soon.

8.       These Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea-style rain boots are great for those rainy Novembers in the Midwest. Plus they are only about $55, which is a lower price point than most competitors.

9.       Add some drama to your makeup look with this sparkly liquid eyeliner.

T. G. I. F. Enjoy your weekend!



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Friday Finds 10.23.15

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one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine

Happy Friday All!

I wanted to share some of the things that I’m either eyeing for the season or already own and love.

1.       Blush is a huge color this fall and I want everything in this shade. It is subtle, feminine and goes perfectly with just about anything.

2.       Just because the sun isn’t always shining in autumn doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your eyes. UV rays are just as harmful even when it is overcast outside. Protect your eyes with these cool tortoise shell sunglasses.

3.       I’ve been wanting this bag ever since a coworker purchased her own while actually visiting Cambridge. I don’t necessarily have the funds to travel to the UK right now, but this leather purse gives a little piece of European class (in a great color and is shopable online).

4.       Don’t be scared off by the dark green hue of this lipstick. It isn’t for a Halloween costume. The green reacts with the warm of your lips to create a shade of rosy pink that is perfect for your skin tone. The shea butter and vitamin E in this lipstick is ideal for keeping lips moisturized on a fall day.

5.       This glittering pumpkin-shaped bath bomb is sure to lift your spirits with a mix of juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils.

6.       During the colder months, my skin always dries out quickly. I love using oil after a shower so my skin can lock in moisture. This rosebud multi-use oil has one of the most amazing scents ever and can be used on your skin, hair and nails. “The sweet scent is an addictive blend of fresh rose, peony and bergamot that evolves on skin with soft notes of white musk and blond woods.” I’m enchanted.

7.       I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of boyfriend jeans that will not make me look literally like a boy. This pair is a great price and slimmer fit. Win-win!

8.       You can never go wrong with a classic wool coat. Spending money on something like this is worth it because you will be wearing for years and years. The style is so timeless that it is sure to last through all kinds of trends and still be a great piece.

9.       There is always a need for a new nail polish, especially when it is a fall ruby shade.


xx Heather

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Our Road Trip to L.A.

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heathered hues road trip

and we are off on our journey!heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

thumbs up because I couldn’t look at the camera while driving
heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

my hair got messier and messier as the road trip went on because I couldn’t find where I had packed my hairbrush 😛
heathered hues road trip

we made it to the coast!heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road tripheathered hues road trip

at the top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angelesheathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

a sunny day in Malibuheathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip heathered hues road trip

Remember how I mentioned that my sister and I made the drive from Indianapolis to Los Angeles? Well, here are the moments we documented! Most are horribly angled selfies, but we were delirious and lacking a third person to take photos. The drive definitely wasn’t the most glamorous of moments for us, but we had tons of fun cruising through the great USA, blasting the same songs over and over because we had been driving so long, eating way too much Skinny Pop, stopping at every picturesque lookout spot we saw and laughing at our inside sister jokes.

Here is the brief synopsis of our tour:

  • Indiana – There were too many tears and traffic during this portion of the trip to enjoy it.
  • Illinois – Tears were still flowing at this point, not as heavily.
  • Missouri – We saw the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and then got lost in a not-so-great area (thank you to my navigator, Courtney).
  • Kansas – The plains were beautiful at sunset and the location of our first stop at a very rugged Comfort Inn. After 14 hours in the car, we fit in pretty well.
  • Colorado – This state is beautiful! We began in grassy plains, to rolling hills, to huge forested mountains, to red rock mountains, to desert. What an unbelievable variety of landscape. We both agreed we will definitely be back!
  • Utah – Are we still on Earth? Most of our drive through Utah looked like the backdrop of an old sci-fi movie about Mars. We would drive in areas of 100+ miles long without any gas stations, restaurants or existence of life, really. Not to mention, it was 109 degrees outside while we were driving through this state. Beaver, Utah was the location of our second stop at a less-rugged Comfort Inn. We found out that if you wanted to order a pizza in this town, you’d have to drive another two hours away. Ha!
  • Arizona – We drove through rain in Arizona. Who knew there is a monsoon season in Arizona?
  • Nevada – LAS VEGAS! We saw it from the interstate 😉
  • California – I learned very quickly how bad the traffic is in Southern California. We were stopped in stand-still traffic two hours before we were supposed to reach our destination. Courtney remained positive, carefree and usually asleep, while I stressed out and kept my eyes on the road (as you can see in a majority of the city photos).

Once we made it to Los Angeles, we were able to relax at several beaches, go on a few hikes and spend a day at Disneyland. It was quite a week for the Graham sisters, and one I will never forget. I can’t wait for our next trip. I will definitely remember to pack a hairbrush with easy access.

Below is a little video my sister made of all the snippets she took throughout the road trip!

xx Heather

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