Everyday Loose Curls

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Misoprostol from mexico Brunch Look 14


CURLING WAND: Remington //  HAIRSPRAY: Ulta Beauty  //  BRUSH: Ulta Beauty

I’ve been getting questions about how to do my go-to loose curls, so I decided to make a tutorial for them. I think they add such an elegant touch to any look and are perfect for just about any occasion. They are pretty simple to do once you get the hang of the movements. I hope this helps!

Thanks for watching!


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Spring Trend Report

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10448965_1685207771727995_1750001515_n 12825960_260221280983969_758578249_n 11260694_122149868180223_453309833_n 12798067_926769900763973_66723615_n(1) 12940809_1066632776743260_1327694803_n 12912661_822910314487979_1041618468_n

I recently wrote a Spring Trend Report for MDG Salons in Indianapolis, focusing on the must-haves for spring in the Midwest. Read it by clicking the link:

Spring Trend Report


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Boyfriend Jeans

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BF Jeans 1 BF Jeans 2 BF Jeans 3 BF Jeans 4 BF Jeans 5 BF Jeans 6 BF Jeans 7 BF Jeans 8 BF Jeans 9 BF Jeans 10 BF Jeans 11 BF Jeans 12 BF Jeans 13 BF Jeans 14

SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom  //  TOP: ASOS (also in aqua & pink)  //  JEANS: H&M  //  PURSE: MARC JACOBS (old – similar here & here)  //  SCARF: Madewell (old – similar here & here)  //  SHOES:  DSW

Happy Monday! It’s actually a little difficult for me to say “happy” Monday, because I very much dislike Mondays and appreciate my weekends too much, but here we are. Need to make the best of it.

I recently took some time off of work to meet up with my family in southern Florida, where they were spending spring break, and then to relax in LA for a few more days. Now that I’m completely back into the work grind, I’ve been thinking, “How do I find a job where I am paid to go on vacation?” 🙂 A few weeks ago, I saw something online that Netflix would pay people to travel and document their travels, but it was only for a few weeks. I need a full-time job out of this! Haha, I’m only somewhat kidding about this idea.

Anyways, I wore this outfit yesterday for Sunday breakfast in West Hollywood. I have been searching high and low for a pair of boyfriend jeans that wouldn’t quite literally make me look like a boy. For my body type, each pair I tried on were either suffocating in the legs and have an excess four inches of room at the waist, or they would be so short that it looked like I was wearing  denim capris. As attractive as both these looks were, I gave up and stuck with my skinny jeans. Over the weekend, I was browsing in H&M (because what good budget-hunting Millennial doesn’t) and decided to try this pair on. For $30, they were wayyy better than some other boyfriend jeans I had tried that were at least double their price. With a bit of a stretch to them, they are also super comfortable. You will definitely be seeing more of these jeans!

**Just a hint, for World Recycle Week – take your old unwanted clothing to H&M to receive 30% off of your entire purchase until Sunday, 4/24. Happy recycling and shopping!**

Have a great week!

xx Heather

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The Classics

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The Classics 1 The Classics 3 The Classics 4 The Classics 5 The Classics 6 The Classics 7 The Classics 8 The Classics 9 The Classics 10 The Classics 11 The Classics 12 The Classics 13 The Classics 14

TRENCH COAT: J.Crew  //  SHIRTTarget (old – similar herehere)  //  JEANS: Joe’s Jeans  //  HEELS: Nina Shoes  //  SUNGLASSES: Sunglass Warehouse

This outfit is made up of some classic pieces that every girl needs in her closet. A solid white button-up and black skinny jeans are essentials because they can both be paired with tons of different looks in all seasons. I wear my black skinny jeans multiple times a week because I have yet to find something else that can fit so many occasions. I also love that I can throw on a white button up with a pair of jeans, tucked into a pencil skirt, or under a sweater for a crisp look. The one I’m wearing here is a bit longer, with a tunic-like fit and slits up the sides for a more modernized look. In my mind, the white button up is one of the easiest ways to look polished, besides adding pearl jewelry.

I tossed on a pair of suede pumps from Nina Shoes in the color Robin’s Egg. The color is subtle enough, but just a bit of fun with the bluish tint. I love these pumps because they only have a 3 inch heel, which makes long days at work much easier. It also makes them appropriate for day and evening. I plan my days around what type of shoe I’m wearing – if I need to walk more than a few blocks at any given time, I’m switching to flats or wedges. I love heels, but they aren’t very cute if you are wincing in pain with each step. (I’ve definitely been there before and had to buy a pair of flip flops just so I could finish grocery shopping after a long day on my feet. Haha, so glamorous.)

I completed the look with a classic trench coat and some tortoise shell shades from Sunglass Warehouse. These shades are super affordable and are at the perfect price point for trying out trendier styles that you aren’t ready to break the bank to purchase. If you’re like me, you’ll love Sunglass Warehouse because it means you had afford to buy a few more pairs. 🙂 My trench coat on the other hand was a bit of a splurge for me, but it is almost two years old now and still in great shape. I know I have many more good years out of it. I look at it as more of an investment than a splurge. Be careful telling yourself that on a regular basis though – it’s a very slippery slope.

Have a great week!

xx Heather

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Brunch Look

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Brunch Look 1 Brunch Look 2 Brunch Look 3 Brunch Look 4 Brunch Look 5 Brunch Look 6 Brunch Look 7 Brunch Look 8 Brunch Look 9 Brunch Look 10 Brunch Look 11 Brunch Look 12 Brunch Look 13 Brunch Look 14

TOP: Old Navy  //  NECKLACE: Forever 21  //  PURSE: H&M (old – similar here & here)  //  JEANSJoe’s Jeans  //  WEDGES: DSW  //  LIPSTICK: butter LONDON in Macbeth

Happy spring, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and were able to spend it with loved ones. I never thought I would be spending my Easter on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, but here I am. Definitely a little unconventional compared to what my typical Easter holiday looks like. Even though I really missed my family back in Indiana, I enjoyed it! I tried an awesome brunch place with my boyfriend and some new friends.

With spring in full bloom here in Los Angeles, the season of brunching has begun. I wanted to share this easy, but polished brunch look. I am wearing a breezy peplum camisole from Old Navy, which was a big hit on my Instagram. Blue and white gingham print is everywhere this spring – such a fun and preppy vibe. I love how this top looks, and I might just need to go back for the other prints. I paired it with a dark skinny jean, a bright bag, and tan wedges. I bought these wedges in grey last year and think they look great with both dresses and skinny jeans. I was extremely excited to see that they are back in-stock on DSW’s website, so I had to buy them in the tan option. Seriously, I HAD to 😉

Have a great week. Thank you so much for reading!

xx Heather

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Leather Leggings

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Rooftop Cool 1 Rooftop Cool 2 Rooftop Cool 3 Rooftop Cool 4 Rooftop Cool 5 Rooftop Cool 6 Rooftop Cool 7 Rooftop Cool 8 Rooftop Cool 9 Rooftop Cool 10 Rooftop Cool 11 Rooftop Cool 12 Rooftop Cool 13 Rooftop Cool 14 Rooftop Cool 15

JACKET: Gap (sold out – similar here)  //  TOP: ASOS (old – similar here and here)  //  NECKLACE: The Limited  //  PANTS: Free People  //  FLATS: Gap

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!

I am so excited for the coming months, because I have a ton going on. For me, having fun things to look forward to makes life and work feel so much more manageable. Next week, two of my closest friends are flying out to LA to spend their Spring Break here, and I cannot wait to show them around. We’re planning some dinners, beach days, and a day on Catalina Island. Then, after some traveling for work, I’m heading to Florida to meet up with the fam for a few days while my younger brother is on his Spring Break. He and I will then fly back to LA for a few more days in SoCal. We are planning on getting him some surfing lessons and eating a lot of In-N-Out burgers. A few weeks after that, I’m heading to Las Vegas to meet up with my sorority sisters for a fun weekend together. I’m so happy to be reunited with them soon! I’ve also never been to Vegas…any suggestions of things to do/see?

Now, just have to get through the workdays in between all the fun, and hopefully I’ll survive the spring. 🙂

I wanted to share this easy but cool outfit that can be worn as winter transitions to spring. I got these Free People (vegan) leather leggings back at Christmas time but haven’t had the chance to wear them. Lucky for you, they are on major sale now!! Now that I have worn them, I’m planning my next outfit to incorporate them again. They are super comfy and give off that awesome biker-chic vibe. I ordered one size up so that they would look more like pants than leggings, and I am so glad I did. I read reviews about people ripping the seams, but you just have to be smart when wearing these pants – can’t be doing yoga in this type of legging.

Thanks for reading!!

xx Heather

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Striped Skirt

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Striped Skirt 2 Striped Skirt 3 Striped Skirt 4 Striped Skirt 5 Striped Skirt 7 Striped Skirt 8 Striped Skirt 9 Striped Skirt 11 Striped Skirt 12 Striped Skirt 13 Striped Skirt 14 Striped Skirt 15 Striped Skirt 16 Striped Skirt 17 Striped Skirt 18 Striped Skirt 19 Striped Skirt 20

TOP: ASOS (other version here)  //  SKIRT: Forever 21 (similar here and here)  //  SHOES: Target  //  NECKLACE: J.Crew (old – similar here and here)

Hi All,

I hope you had another great week. I have definitely been using my weekends to explore different areas in California in the last few months.

Last month, some work friends and I took a spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego, and it was a blast. We ate some amazing Mexican dishes (breakfast burritos hold the key to my heart), went to the best dueling piano bar I’ve ever been to, and rented bicycles to explore Coronado Island off the San Diego coast. Unfortunately, it was cold when we were there, so I’m already planning my next trip down there – complete with some beach-lounging.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I road-tripped north to San Jose to see the Notre Dame baseball team play. It was about a five hour drive, but it was a gorgeous day and we were happy to escape the city a little bit. The highway winded through California hills and then was surrounded by blossoming cherry trees for more than half the drive. I have never seen so many white and pink blossoming trees. They were in rows as far as the eye could see – it was really stunning. After the baseball game, my boyfriend got to catch up with all of his teammates from ND, and then we did a little bar hopping in downtown San Jose. We capped off the night at an ice cream shop called Cream, that lets you choose two freshly baked cookies and any flavor of ice cream to go in-between them to create the most incredible ice cream sandwich! The cookie ice cream sandwiches were probably not the most health-conscious late night decision, but they were totally worth the guilt.

Then last weekend, we headed south again to Laguna Beach for a little time in the sun while my boyfriend’s mom was visiting Southern California. She is a total foodie and can find the tastiest places, so we definitely took advantage of the best eats in Orange County during her visit. Laguna was one of the places I loved most when I first visited California a few summers ago, and still remains a favorite of mine. The surf shops are so cute and make me want to live in a beach town, become a surfer and live off fish tacos and margaritas. A girl can dream.

Happy Saturday!

xx Heather

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