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I hope you had another great week. I have definitely been using my weekends to explore different areas in California in the last few months.

Last month, some work friends and I took a spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego, and it was a blast. We ate some amazing Mexican dishes (breakfast burritos hold the key to my heart), went to the best dueling piano bar I’ve ever been to, and rented bicycles to explore Coronado Island off the San Diego coast. Unfortunately, it was cold when we were there, so I’m already planning my next trip down there – complete with some beach-lounging.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I road-tripped north to San Jose to see the Notre Dame baseball team play. It was about a five hour drive, but it was a gorgeous day and we were happy to escape the city a little bit. The highway winded through California hills and then was surrounded by blossoming cherry trees for more than half the drive. I have never seen so many white and pink blossoming trees. They were in rows as far as the eye could see – it was really stunning. After the baseball game, my boyfriend got to catch up with all of his teammates from ND, and then we did a little bar hopping in downtown San Jose. We capped off the night at an ice cream shop called Cream, that lets you choose two freshly baked cookies and any flavor of ice cream to go in-between them to create the most incredible ice cream sandwich! The cookie ice cream sandwiches were probably not the most health-conscious late night decision, but they were totally worth the guilt.

Then last weekend, we headed south again to Laguna Beach for a little time in the sun while my boyfriend’s mom was visiting Southern California. She is a total foodie and can find the tastiest places, so we definitely took advantage of the best eats in Orange County during her visit. Laguna was one of the places I loved most when I first visited California a few summers ago, and still remains a favorite of mine. The surf shops are so cute and make me want to live in a beach town, become a surfer and live off fish tacos and margaritas. A girl can dream.

Happy Saturday!

xx Heather

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